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社交 导航
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Do you want to share location with friends?
Do you want to know where your lover is?
Do you wonder your children’s location?

Lover Tracker is application that is able to share present location each other, in order to safeguard your dear friends.

It’s easy. In my iPhone, install this app, and in Settings, enter your number and a number of the other party to want to share location. And than in the opponent app, install the app, and in Settings, enter the number. It instantly makes you see location between the two.

This app is service to share only two one’s locations. Of course, if you want to know other person’s location, change the number the same way.
This app is certainly not a fraudulent app. This is free version.
Install with two iphones and try it.

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

1.0 : After according to the need, it’s scheduled to add subscription-based function.